Box Office – Amidst KGF – Chapter 2 (Hindi) and RRR (Hindi) mania, Beast (Raw) is going totally unnoticed – Friday updates

By Nitin Sharma

Ok, so first things first. Practically the only films that are occupying screens currently are dubbed south films. KGF – Chapter 2 (Hindi) is playing across 4000 odd screens, RRR (Hindi) has managed another 500+ for itself and then a few have gone to Raw, the Hindi version. Oh yes, a few are still screening The Kashmir Files but the count is minuscule. However, it is basically south films fighting it out with each other on a pan-India basis.

Never before, yes, never before has it ever happened in the history of the country. Agreed that back in the 80s when Jeetendra, Sridevi and Jayaprada along with Shakti Kapoor and Kadar Khan came with their many south films, they were primarily remakes and not dubbed films. Even then there was a wave around south subjects but still, at least the actors were from Bollywood and even if they came from south then also they were basically making a film in Hindi. The wave which is being experienced now is absolutely new.

In this wave, while there are blockbusters (KGF – Chapter 2) and superhits (RRR), there are also super disasters in the form of Raw. This can well be seen from the fact that even after three days, the film has managed to collect only 0.90 crores and it would be only today that it will finally manage to cross the 1 crore mark. Considering the fact that it has south superstar Vijay in the lead, these are terrible results indeed. This just go on to show all over again that eventually a lot goes for a south film too being a hit on a pan-India level and just the fact that it has a major south superstar in it doesn’t quite matter.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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