Box Office – Will you watch Veerappan, Phobia, Waiting or Fredrick?

Box Office – Will you watch Veerappan, Phobia, Waiting or Fredrick?

By Joginder Tuteja

After a few peaceful weeks that saw solo releases in Bollywood, this Friday would yet again witness an arrival of as many as four Hindi films -Veerappan, Phobia, Waiting and Fredrick. Interestingly, three of these are English titled.

None of the four films is expected to open on a massive scale. However, Veerappan would be the better of the lot. It has been promoted quite well; in fact much better than last so many Ram Gopal Varma films. The promo is quite interesting, and the Kannada original (which was released just a few months ago) was a good hit too. The film may not be for universal audience but for the lovers of stark thrillers and drama, it should do the trick. It is expected to open decent and anything over 30% occupancy on the opening day would be good.

Phobia is an out and out multiplex film and caters to niche segment in major cities. The promotion and marketing of this Pawan Kirpalani film has been for a target audience and its USP lies in being unique and innovative. It could well spring a surprise.

Waiting is again for urban multiplex audience and would see a restricted release for itself. The Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechelin starrer could have benefitted from better promotion but right now, it is arriving without making much of a noise. As for Fredrick, it is releasing without any buzz whatsoever. It would struggle to release on a pan-India basis.

Fortunately for these films, there are no holdover Bollywood or Hollywood releases which means any new Hindi film that clicks would have a week open for itself to make merry.

So which film are you planning to watch? Veerappan, Phobia, Waiting or Fredrick?

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