Kamal Haasan to direct his next film, Shabaash Kundu




The much talked-about trilingual featuring actor Kamal Haasan, Shabash Kundu ( Sabash Naidu in Tamil-Telugu) will now be directed by Haasan as well. Malayalam director TK Rajeev Kumar, who was assigned to direct the film earlier, has fallen seriously ill. Hence, Haasan has taken over the director’s chair to avoid any delay in the project.


“My director, Rajeev has taken extremely ill. The unfortunate setback occurred when we were on the fourth day of our recce in Los Angeles. He has been diagnosed with a Lyme disease. It is a rare infection prevalent in Europe and North America. This is the reason I am now directing the film,” Haasan said in a statement. Rajeev is getting the best possible medical care in LA.“We have put him in one of the best hospitals with one of our executives keeping vigil 24/7.”

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