Ranveer Singh ups the ante

Five Reasons that Prove Ranveer as Lucky Mascot for Brands


A versatile, powerhouse of an actor, this generation’s superstar Ranveer Singh has another special achievement. He is a lucky mascot that works wonders for the brands that he endorses.


Having won over Indian audiences with his winning Bajirao performance, Ranveer featured in a number of prominent national, widely respected brands. He was signed up for his mass appeal, popularity with youth and adaptable, versatile persona. Be it the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz ads, the quirky and colorful ads for Makemytrip.com and the cool Vivo smartphone commercials, each presented a fresh concept and an interesting ad.


And Ranveer’s presence in these commercials has worked to the advantage of these brands. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz has topped nationwide sales in it’s category; Vivo mobiles has proven to be most popular by a wide margin across India, showing spectacular increase in demand in a short span of time. Additionally, acknowledging his engagement and commitment to interesting advertisements given his background in the ad industry, Ranveer’s Colgate commercial has been rated highly by agencyfaqs.com for a new, creative concept.


As is a known fact, Ranveer Singh always take keen interest in the concepts for commercials, putting in sincere work in creating them. Clearly, this enthusiastic brand ambassador is both a smart and lucky choice for such companies.

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