Euphoria launches Halla Bol

The band launches its latest video – a cry for freedom of expression, choice and celebration – in association with One Digital Entertainment Network


The band that introduced Hindi rock to Indian music aficionados and has been creating magic in the music scene since the ’90’s launches its latest video that promises to make you stop and think.


Having lived in a place where you are constantly told what to do and what not to do, this song is Euphoria’s smirk on the system – a system full of corruption, greed and power trips. Power trips that has kept something as wonderful as music under wraps as well. It is the voice of a common man who is fed up of constantly being told what’s right, what’s wrong and on which side he should belong. It is the anthem for free thinkers who want to choose their own leaders, icons and heroes.


On the new initiative, front man Palash Sen says, “Music is the best way to communicate. But there’s a reason that IndiPop/ Non Film music has been missing from the mainstream entertainment for the last few years and this video is an attempt to disclose why. We have always noticed how we are constantly being told how to live, but we need to put a stop to this. This song is a cry for free freedom of expression, choice and celebration. Euphoria starts this movement for Azaadi from paid media and mediocrity across the board. This is the beginning of a revolution, where in Euphoria won’t give up and will attempt to gather the people on our side and do what we were born to…Making and spreading Music”.

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