After Udta Punjab controversy, ‘M Cream’ avoids risk

After Udta Punjab controversy, ‘M Cream’ avoids risk

M Cream’s writer-director Agneya Singh is going ahead with the former CBFC chairperson, Leela Samson-approved version of his film, which deals with drugs, instead of taking it to the Pahlaj-led Censor Board and getting a ‘no’ for it’s theatrical release on July 22nd

After Udta Punjab,  Agneya Singh’s soon to be released ‘M Cream’ revolves around the drug culture with its protagonist, played by Imaad Shah, setting off in search of a mythical hash called M Cream.

The film was passed by the former CBFC chairperson, with one minor cut and an ‘A’ certificate in 2014.  It was screened at the Rhode Island International Film Festival where it won the Grand Prize for Best Feature Film.

Talking about it, Agneya says, “The international version that targeted film festivals is much more risque and serious. We wanted to release another version with songs and more commercial elements that would be more palatable to the Indian audience. But keeping the current scenario in mind, we have decided to go ahead with the version that has been already censored. Many have told me that the film would have never passed the censors had it gone to the Board today,” adding that his film also has romance and issues that concern the youth. He further adds, “We had our trailer censored recently but only a sex scene was edited out so it wasn’t too bad.”

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