Box Office – Jimmy Sheirgill arrives with controversial Shorgul

Box Office – Jimmy Sheirgill arrives with controversial Shorgul



By Joginder Tuteja


Jimmy Sheirgill and Ashtuosh Rana’s Shorgull is the sole notable release of the week. The film has boasted of an impressive promo though the follow up hasn’t been as strong in terms of marketing, pitching and promotion. There has been some controversy around the film’s political content but that hasn’t really pushed its arrival as much as the makers would have expected. In fact the film is arriving at very select screens and one wonders if the situation could have been better, considering the fact that there are no releases from the past which are actually going to occupy any screen space.


What makes it a further tough situation for the new releases is the fact that Sultan releases in the middle of the week (on Wednesday). This would mean that all talks would be surrounding the Salman Khan starrer and theaters too would be opting for all-around arrival of the biggie in theaters.


This means it would all boil down to critical acclaim for Shorgul. That along with word of mouth (provided it spreads very fast through audience who choose to step in for the film) should help it gain visibility. However, typically that happens from Monday onwards and since the film would have only two days for that, the situation becomes even more precarious. It indeed deserved better.


Another release of the week is Kerry On Kutton and it arrives unannounced in select theaters in the country.

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