Exclusive – Rustom promo – Akshay Kumar set to rock the show in this fast paced dramatic thriller

Rustom promo. My quick thoughts:

– It starts off with Akshay Kumar’s introduction as a Navy Officer

– There is sneak peak of his love story with Ileana D’Souza with a melodic song in the background

– Promo comes to the point sooner than later with Akshay catching Ileana’s infidelity and shooting her lover Arjan Bajwa

– The real promo kicks off from here as the court room drama begins

– While Esha Gupta (playing Arjan’s sister) and Sachin Khedekar as her lawyer want to fight it to finish so that Akshay gets punished, there is a new chapter that opens around Akshay’s heroism

– Pavan Malhotra is in a very interesting part here and the dialoguebaazi that Akshay indulges in with him could be the film’s highlight

– There are newer episodes introduced with the angles of Akshay being a Traitor, Patriot and Murderer

– Somewhere, one gets an impression that the story is much more deep rooted than what the one line plot may have tried to convey

– What impresses most is the super fast pace of the Tinu Suresh Desai film which should keep the fans of dramatic -thrillers happy

– As expected, Akshay Kumar is truly in the skin of the character and carries the uniform perfectly well with him

– The background music is really good, especially in the last one minute of the promo

– This is one film that gives an impression of a really strong second half in the offering

– It is the story factor that should do the trick here

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