John and Varun keep it cool for Rohit and Sajid’s Dishoom

John and Varun keep it cool for Rohit and Sajid’s Dishoom

The title song of Dishoom, ‘Toh Dishoom’, has just been released. My quick thoughts:

– What catches the eye right at the start are the production values. Producer Sajid Nadiadwala is known for the manner in which the pitches his films and yet again with Dishoom, he shows that there is no expense spared in mounting it right

– The video looks super cool and has an international look and feel to it. Director Rohit Dhawan had displayed an eye for visuals in his debut film Desi Boyz as well and it is no different in Dishoom as well where first the promo and now the songs are coming with the kind of gloss that makes for a big screen viewing

– The camaraderie between John Abraham and Varun Dhawan is noticeable that gives a good impression of some good off screen bonding being translated into buddy cop relationship on screen as well

– Pritam’s tune is catchy which goes well with the genre that Dishoom belongs to. it is foot tapping and it won’t be surprising if the song finds its way in clubs as well

– The song’s picturization is quite different as it has a war zone setting to it, what with snipers with their laser guns all around and participating in all the fun on screen

– Overall, the song does its job in terms of fitting in well with the film’s genre and setting, and doesn’t deviate from what Dishoom truly stands for

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