Box Office – Just 10 crore came in theaters over the weekend gone by, industry waits for Salman’s Sultan

Box Office – Just 10 crore came in theaters over the weekend gone by, industry waits for Salman’s Sultan



By Joginder Tuteja


Let’s talk about the phenomenon that usually grips Bollywood when a big film is around for release. No other film dares to come alongside it. No other major film releases before or after it either. The ones that actually arrive are usually the kind that do not manage to get space in any of the other weeks. Even if they get space, chances are that audience would pick up a bigger film or the one with a better promo. The only films which have any chance whatsoever are the holdover releases and they too need to be really good, in order to keep running before the biggie strikes.


Chances are, none of it really works for audiences, exhibitors, distributors or producers associated with various films. As a result, theaters are empty all over – be it single screens or multiplexes – and all eyes are on the biggie waiting to strike. Yes, the biggie benefits a lot from the additional hype that gets generated in the meanwhile while everything and everyone in the supply chain before that suffers.


This has happened again for Bollywood Box Office over the weekend gone by as well. No big film releases. Smaller films like Shorgul [1.5 crore*] and Kerry On Kutton didn’t have the kind of promo or anticipation to see major footfalls. Holdover release Raman Raghav 2.0 was a goner from Day One itself. Udta Punjab was better, though minimal [1.75 crore*] to just drag towards the 59.25 crore* mark while Hollywood release The Legend of Tarzan collected on low count [7 crore*] as well.


Result? A weekend of just around 10 crore* which is less than 10% of the capacity of over 150 crore that 5000 odd screens have to offer.


Go, figure!


*Estimates. Final numbers awaited


Note: All collections as per production and distributor sources

Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder

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