Box Office – Kabali [Hindi] Weekend is same as Robot [Hindi] Week One

Box Office – Kabali [Hindi] Weekend is same as Robot [Hindi] Week One


By Joginder Tuteja

Kabali [Hindi] has managed a decent weekend of around 15 crore. The film started on expected lines on Friday and given the hype and hoopla around the Rajinikanth starrer, one would have expected the collections to multiply on Saturday and Sunday. While that didn’t quite happen exponentially, there was still a jump of sorts which is better than a film going down.

In the recent past, there have been instances of films just not managing to perk up after negative feedback. The fact that it hasn’t happened for Kabali means the film hasn’t been totally rejected by the audience. That said, advance booking played a role too and that further ensured that weekend collections came out to be decent. Also, that has ensured that the weekend collections of Kabali are almost on the same lines as Week One collections of Robot [2010] that stood at 16 crore. Still, if one compares the film to Baahubali [22 crore], the collections are nowhere in comparison.

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