Did John Abraham really pull up his fan? The real truth

Did John Abraham really pull up his fan? The real truth


While it was earlier reported today that John Abraham allegedly slapped a fan, official sources reveal that the report is far from the truth.

Recounting the incident says an onlooker, “As the star exited the venue of the trailer launch of his upcoming film Force 2, a die-hard in an attempt to grab John’s attention scratched him and grabbed his T Shirt . In a knee-jerk reaction, John turned around to grab hold of the fan and pulled him up for his irresponsible behavior, post which he proceeded to his car.”

What very few know is that the group of fans then proceeded to John’s residence to personally apologize for their behaviour.

John not only took the time to hear them out but also spoke to them at length about how he appreciates all the love and support but only wishes they would express it more responsibly. He even clicked pictures with the fans.

When contacted, John Abraham’s spokesperson said, “The episode has been blown out of proportion. John would never hurt a fan intentionally. The fan even met John at his residence to apologize to him for his irresponsible behaviour.”

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