MSG The Warrior Lion Heart picks up references from past and present, aims at inspiring youth

MSG The Warrior Lion Heart picks up references from past and present, aims at inspiring youth

Inspired by the historic tale of the valiant combatant Maharana Pratap and its significance to the state of the current state of affairs, Saint Dr MSG applied the same line of story parallel to it in his film MSG The Lion Warrior Heart which is reference point of lives of the present day farmers.

The story of Maharana Pratap is that while he was struggling at the Guerilla warfare by staying impoverished; he managed to prepare a grass roti for his son, which was later snatched from his hands by a wild cat. Imagine the emotions of a once powerful king condensing to poverty. The same poignant story is used to indicate the condition of present day farmer’s, but the ultimate message of the film is a huge booster.

While a common man just chest beats about farmer’s suicides and their depressing stories, Guruji has dedicated one entire song of motivation for the kisan and pulling them out of this rut. Amidst these times of conflicts, the film’s song ‘Jeeyenge marenge, mar mitenge, desh ke liye’ comes as a booster to everyone. The Saint probably saw all this coming.

The ultimate aim of Guruji is to multiply the smiles on every individual’s face and remain as fresh as a flower. Stress, which is one of the prime factors leading to depression amongst today’s generation, is also touched upon in the film. Also, in reality too, Saint Dr. MSG has organized various relief programs to de-stress through meditation.

Saint Dr. MSG’s actual intention of entering the cinema world is to spread happiness and impactful messages for a better life ahead. He has proved it through his previous films. He has transmitted the message of how the youngsters can free themselves from dangerous alcohol and drug addictions. In reality too, Guruji organizes a rehabilitation program for the drug addicts to detach themselves from the addiction through meditation and yoga. The number of youth pouring in has just multiplied ten folds during the years.

Other examples are that of inspiring the capable to adopt prostitutes and widows and gift them a decent life by getting them married and also finding a medium for their bread and butter. He believes that since cinema has a worldwide reach, this tool chosen is a right path to spread awareness amongst others.

An inspirational film for the masses, MSG The Warrior Lion Heart is all set to release on 7th October 2016.

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