Kartik Aaryan takes the lead on anti-China national sentiment, lets go of endorsing Chinese mobile brand Oppo

With the prevailing anti-China sentiments amongst the Indians, especially when it comes to consumer products coming from the country which is on a bitter tussle with the Indian Army, Kartik Aaryan has taken the first step. He has gone ahead and let go off his ongoing relationship with Chinese mobile brand Oppo.

“It has been a great association between the duo for quite some time. In fact the advertisement that he had shot for the mobile also saw quite some traction due to his youthful charm and the witty feel that he brought on screen. It was a mutually well developed professional relationship. However that has now come to an end, as Kartik truly believes that country comes first,” informs our source .

While the voice around boycotting Chinese products has been louder than ever before in the last one month, Kartik didn’t take long to take a decision and brought a closure to his contract.

“Of course, something like this can’t have anyone shouting from the rooftops. It just doesn’t look good. However, the intent has been made loud and clear. A break has been taken and there won’t be any looking back,” the source adds.

In his own subtle way, Kartik did drop more than a hint around this decision through an Instagram post that conveyed a veiled message. He got himself clicked with an iPhone in hand (a rival brand of Oppo) and while he didn’t say a word around that, netizens were quick to gather the clandestine manner in which announcement was made.

Meanwhile, the bigger question though is that while the relative newbie and one of the fastest rising stars has gone ahead and taken the bold step, will the other stars and superstars take the plunge as well?

Well, we would know in a few days from now.

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