Tiger Shroff – You have seen his action and performance, now meet the real man

When you focus on becoming a better version of yourself and working hard-day in and day out, success always follows you. Same is the story for Tiger Shroff. Even after being an insider of Bollywood, the success never came easy for the actor. Being the son of an actor and being aware of the cut-throat competition the industry has, Tiger knew one thing that he must have his USP in order to not just survive in Bollywood but earn his name, not just make it.

While the hunt was still on for a good project to suit Tiger, the action and dance skills caught the attention of the producer Sajid Nadiadwala and Heropanti was released. It didn’t come easy, still. Tiger knew he had to focus and this film provided him the direction of earning his name in Bollywood, purely with his action skills he possesses.

Soon after came Baaghi which was a huge hit at the box office as never seen before action was served on-screen which changed the game. With Baaghi 2, the action just went a level up and the film turned out to be a blockbuster hit.

Tiger’s spiffing action and dance moves started winning the hearts of the audiences and also, Tiger is the name that comes first in everyone’s mind for bringing Hollywood level action in Bollywood and this level of perfection with his kicks, jumps, sliding splits didn’t come easy. It came purely by taking zero days off, pushing off limits and having the hunger to improve and become a better version of himself.

This hunger of achieving perfection in everything has earned him the throne of ‘the world’s youngest action superstar’ and with Baaghi 3, he proved how and why nobody but him deserved this. By shooting bare body actions scenes in chilling temperatures, to speeding against time and running across real blasts, Baaghi 3 had no use of VFX and every action scene was ‘real’ without body doubles or anything at all.

War being another film to have reached the 300 crore club, the audiences totally went gaga and believed that nobody but Tiger deserved to be with Hrithik Roshan in the film.

Tiger Shroff is not just a phenomenal action star and dancer but is also a really good singer too and serves as an inspiration to the young generation. Almost every kid on the block who really loves action has only one name when it comes to their inspiration which is none other than Tiger Shroff and this is the sort of name that he has earned only with the hard work and talent that he has.

Tiger Shroff will be next be seen in Heropanti 2 and Rambo.

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