Abhay Deol’s JL50, Ranvir Shorey’s Kadakh, Kumud Mishra’s Ramsingh Charlie, Manoj Bajpayee’s Bhonsle – Have you binged watched these already?

These are exciting days indeed for those who are relying on the OTT medium as the single source of entertainment. With films not releasing and no timelines yet for theaters to open, digital streaming has come for rescue. While there have been quite a few reputed players in the market currently, the arrival of Sony LIV in its new avtar has only made things further better.

While the OTT platform has already made its huge mark with successful shows like Avrodh, Undekhi and Your Honor in the current times, some of the recent films have caught one’s attention already, something which is makiong for a quick-n-snappy weekend watch. These are JL50, Kadakh, Ramsingh Charlie and Bhonsle. Let’s take a look.

Abhay Deol’s JL50

Presented as a four part series, Abhay Deol starrer JL50 is by one of the most original works of fiction to have been brought out in the Indian entertainment scenario. When it comes to the time travel or sci-fi genre, one expects imaginative sets, heavy use of VFX and a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo. This is what makes JL50 special since it takes a realistic route instead and keeps one guessing right through. This Shailendra Vyas directed film reminds of the kind that Abhay had done at the beginning of his career. Pankaj Kapoor further makes it special.

Ranvir Shorey’s Kadakh

A dark comedy, Kadakh is just the kind of film that one expects from director Rajat Kapoor. Many years back in 2008, the filmmaker had collaborated with Ranvir Shorey on Mithya which had emerged as a decent commercial success theatrically. Now their web offering Kadakh is easily one of their most accomplished works together. What happens when an unwanted guest comes to your house, shoots himelf, and there are more guests expected soon enough? A dark comedy with a dead body in the midst of friends and family members, this one is a rip roaring ride.

Kumud Mishra’s Ram Singh Charlie

‘Charlie Chaplin is not a joker’ – Half the life of Ram Singh Charlie, the central protagonist in the namesake film, goes into letting the world known about this through his words and action. A heartbreaking tale about a man [Kumud Mishra] who finds himself out of job from a loss making circus and takes it to the street as a rickshaw puller in Kolkata, Ram Singh Charlie is a story which is an antithesis of ‘jeena yahan marna yahan’ mode of Mera Naam Joker. Someone who doesn’t allow the world to step over his self respect, the character brings on a lot of pathos.

Manoj Bajpayee’s Bhonsle

Now this one is yet another master-class by Manoj Bajpayee when it comes to acting in front of the camera. Filmmaker Devashish Makhija had to go through his own trials and tribulations to make Bhonsle and while the film went through the festival circuits, eventually it was Sony LIV where it found a world premier for itself. That truly worked for this offbeat affair about a retired constable (played by Manoj Bajpayee) as it was one of the first few offerings of the newly renovated OTT platform and ensured that the word spread fast about its class appeal.

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