Movie review – Great Grand Masti – Alas, even energetic actors can’t bring on many laughs

Movie review – Great Grand Masti – Alas, even energetic actors can’t bring on many laughs

Rating: **

Really? Did they actually decide to make the film after reading what was out there on paper? Were they actually convinced when they received narration about the escapades of Amar, Prem and Meet in this newest installment? What really made the girls believe that the film had something for them, when they heard about their parts? Didn’t they realize during the making either that the laughs were just not coming?

How could this have happened to the audience?

First time it was funny. Second time it was even funnier. Third time around,the franchise appears not even like a pale show of itself. There is no problem when the comedy is loud, low brow, aggressive and on-your-face, as long as it makes you laugh. It doesn’t even matter if the humor caters just to the masses or the classes, as long as it appeals to atleast someone. It is also okay if the humor is aimed at just a particular segment of audience of age group. All of that is fine, as long as a film appeals to that set of the target audience. The trouble comes in when the film fails to do even that. When you hardly get a smile on your face, leave aside a full hearted laugh, that’s when the trouble begins.

Great Grand Masti suffers from that very issue. It just remains flat right through, despite desperate attempt of everyone associated with it to be loud, practically screaming and vigorously rolling over eyes. Meanwhile, for the entire two hour duration, there is ample oomph thrown in, courtesy Urvashi Rautela and every other young female who happened to be in front of the camera. That is obviously done to help the characters and audience relive their wildest fantasies. To one’s disappointment though, that doesn’t quite work and you end up wondering why veteran director Indra Kumar chose to present the film in the way it actually unfolds.

Between the three (grown up) boys, it is Aftab Shivdasani who seems to be having maximum fun with his ‘I Have An Idea’ brand of comedy. His high energy actually is good and quite contrasting to his subtle performances in films like 1920 London. Riteish Deshmukh does what he has done in such franchise affairs like Housefull and Dhamaal, and while he is earnest, somehow he doesn’t get ample opportunity to go all out. Vivek Oberoi shows his comic side and while he is confident as always, one looks forward to dramatic outings from him.

Amongst women, it is Urvashi who makes the most of the platform provided to her. She exudes oomph and is confident in a part that requires her to be enticing and desirable. As for the other three girls, Shraddha Das, Mishti and Pooja, they have minimal screen time and try to make the most out of it.

What the film doesn’t do though is make the most out of the franchise and a ready audience that it had for itself. Wish that had happened as it would have helped ensure that Masti 4 would have been on the way as well!

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