Rajinikanth’s Kabali fever grips Mumbai

Fans across Mumbai are going gaga over Rajini’s upcoming film Kabali.

To start off the day the fans organised an open air bus tour which was fully decked up with Rajini posters and cut outs across the city. The fans donned Rajini masks and Tshirts. The bus started at Arora theater, Matunga and trailed across the city. The fans got off at important junctions in the city danced on the famous Kabali song Neruppu Da on the streets (pictures attached)

Some fans took their artistic side to express their love towards Thalaiva, they went on to paint the city with cool paintings of Rajinikanth on the walls across the city. (pictures attached)

The fans also distributed Rajini masks widely across offices, streets etc  (pictures attached)


The film is releasing in India on 22nd July

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