Vikram Bhatt to launch new web channel.

Vikram Bhatt to launch new web channel.

Vikram Bhatt, who is known for experimenting with new ideas and showcasing bold content, is all set to launch his new series ‘Maaya’ on his own web channel, VB on the web, in October.

‘Maaya’ is an adult love story about two people who come together using aliases and experiment with BDSM. It’s as close to E L James’s erotic.

When asked the filmmaker on why he chose to release it on web channel and not make it into 70mm film, he explains, “In the ongoing censorship debate filmmakers today are clueless about what will be retained. In this worrying scenario, self-censorship is beginning to creep in with writers and directors editing stuff out, convinced it would never pass muster, and that bothers me. ‘Maaya‘ was an idea I’ve had for a while but in a country where even James Bond is not allowed to kiss, I didn’t think BDSM would curry favour.”

Pointing out the fact that it’d be near impossible for any country to censor the world wide web even if they do block out YouTube or Facebook, he plans to take his erotic fantasy to audiences across the globe with English subtitles. He is positive that his story will connect with youngsters between 15 and 30 as it grew from Yahoo chatrooms with netizens living out sexual fantasies with fake identities who are bored with Indian TV which caters mainly to the female audience and have turned to American TV. “‘Maaya’ is one of us and all of us are two people—one we present to the world, the other so private not even our family or friends know about them,” he says.

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