Box Office – Shivaay goes past 10 crore on Saturday too, shows consistent footfalls

Box Office – Shivaay goes past 10 crore on Saturday too, shows consistent footfalls


By Joginder Tuteja

For Shivaay, need of the hour on Saturday was to hang on reasonably well. In that aspect, the Ajay Devgn produced, directed and acted film did well to collect 10.06 crore more, hence taking its overall total to 20.03 crore. Considering the fact that today is Diwali, collections would be limited till the later afternoon shows as theaters are not expected to register any great footfalls from 6 PM onwards.

In fact quite a few theaters also shut down their premises so that their staff can take a day off for celebrating Diwali with family. Moreover, since the footfalls are sparse too during evening and night shows, it also makes sense. None of that should impact the overall collections of the film though since those who have to watch it would anyways queue up on Monday, which is a big holiday ahead.

The fact remains though that this is going to be the fourth day for the film and later, night shows may get impacted too since from Tuesday onwards it is a regular working day. In a way, Monday for the two new releases can be considered as a Saturday for any other film because while collections would be better than that of Friday, they can’t be expected to sky rocket the way it happens on Sunday, due to two reasons as mentioned above – a) Monday being the fourth day and b) next day being a working day.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder

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