Movie review – Force 2 – Superb action, not so superb twist

Movie review – Force 2 – Superb action, not so superb twist



By Joginder Tuteja


Rating: 3/5 stars


Force 2 boasts of a cracker of a first half. In fact there are so many high points in the film that at least at three junctures, you expect the interval point to arrive. In a way, I was reminded of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai [Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi] which had such skillful execution by director Milan Luthria that at least twice (before it eventually happened), I thought it would be apt to flash the interval card. A similar punch is brought to fore by director Abhinav Deo too and when the interval point actually comes, it takes the film to an all time high.


As it turns out though, it is the peak of the roller coaster ride and though the film doesn’t take a free fall from this point on, a high like the kind evidenced at the interval point is never quite matched. The film’s narrative becomes a tad jerky, the action doesn’t quite match the superb choreography of the first half and the mystery element doesn’t quite you hard in a manner you were expecting that (more about this later).


What keeps the film moving though is the fast pace due to which you are never really bored. Now that’s a good thing about Force 2 as it keeps you engaged. You do though that the graph was more elevated right through the narrative. Just imagine, the manner in which the first 15 minutes unfold, you just can’t afford to get your eyes off screen. The entire series of events that take place in the biggest cities of China is quite intelligently woven and you truly believe that Abhinay Deo and his team of writers, editor and cinematographer have cracked the code when it comes to telling a true espionage thriller.


The shot taking is simply brilliant, the edit patter is fantastic, the story telling without a single dialogue being spoken for most part of it is highly entertaining and the thrills make you believe that this is another installment of the Bourne series in the offering. Even when the ‘desi’ narrative begins to unfold, courtesy the entry of John Abraham in his ‘hulk avtar’, the graph only continues to peak and once John is joined by Sonakshi Sinha to make a visit to Budapest and nab the mastermind mole Tahir Raj Bhasin, you love what you see on screen.


The confrontations that ensue, the chases that follow, the dialogues that are spoken, different ways of working of John and Sonakshi, and very importantly, the sarcasm and wit that Tahir brings right through the first half make you applaud what plays on screen. For true action thriller junky, there is so much to offer.


Now how one wishes that the mode of the film’s narrative would have stayed on the same zone right through, instead of diluting it all (in a big way) by revealing the intentions of Tahir behind his act of facilitating murder of RAW agents. (Spoiler ahead) Frankly, Shahrukh Khan managed to pull off something similar in Baazigar because even though his act (of throwing off Shilpa Shetty off the terrace) was an unpopular move, there was some sort of justification added to all that he did. In case of Tahir’s moves, instead of sympathizing with it, you begin to wonder if an educated character like him really knew what he was doing.


In fact it is the point at which this reveal is made that the film starts going downhill. The cat and mouse chase that follows, the Indo-Hungary summit that takes place (the form of folk dance on screen is in complete contrast to the tension that was needed to be built – this could have been better thought of), the shootout that takes place and then the climax shot taking (innovative, but not truly brilliant) isn’t what one would have expected Force 2 to conclude with. As a matter of fact the manner in which the Minister is coaxed to go on national television and make the speech which he eventually does makes one wonder if that is possible in real world!


It is no denying the fact though there is a lot of effort that has gone into making Force 2 a visual delight when it comes to the big screen watch. Action is just brilliant and so is the background score. John Abraham along with Tahir Raj Bhasin and Sonakshi Sinha are good in their respective parts. One would have expected more of Narendra Jha [RAW chief] and Raj Babbar (his superior) though. Now if only Abhinay would have allowed more meat in the motive of the antagonist and spun it well with some level of justification that was digestible, Force 2 would have turned out to be an even better affair.

Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder

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