Should Shahrukh Khan’s #Raees have moved ahead? Or clash with @beingsalmankhan’s #Sultan should have stayed on?

It was all set for the BIG CLASH between Raees and Sultan.

Raees was that one big film that was bringing Shahrukh Khan in an entirely different zone with mean shades to him. The teaser met with a very good response too.

Sultan too is a big film that has Salman Khan getting into a rustic zone. From the promo, it is clear that he playing to the gallery.

The clash was all set to happen but then the makers of Raees decided to move the film all the way to 2016.

Do you think it was the right decision?

Or should Raees have stayed on and let the clash happen?

Share your views!

One comment

  1. After seeing Sultan trailer i guess if Raees would come on Eid it will be more successful because of the reasons:
    1. SRK is without doubt much better actor than Salman and he is versatile
    2. Negative roles played by SRK always outstanding and is strong side of him
    3. VFX of Sultan showed in trailer are not good. His head looking unrealistic sometimes and too big
    4. Raees is not typical movie with probably unpedictable story ending meanwhile Sultan’s storyline is obvious and movie will be interesting mocyly for Salman’s fans
    5.Sultan from potential serios drama film about wrestling/boxing or whatever (for example, Rocky) turning down to a comedy movie, what is not right genre for it according to me


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